The French Bistro
The French Bistro
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Aug-08-2011 zhenl

This is one of the most famous French restaurants in Beijing, quite and peaceful, and with dark lamplight it is like at home. The restaurant is fitting for sociality and business treatments.

The restaurant is good at traditional French fork food, especially truffles. Some truffles are from Yunnan Province. The way chefs process truffles is amazing.

Except for truffles, the traditional French dishes are good. Smoked Salmon Salad tastes great. French Snail, the garlic and butter let the snail tasty. Beef Fried Goose Liver is soft and fresh. Butter Fried Lobster tastes smooth and sweet.

Desserts such as Rum Chocolate mousse, tastes complicated, and you may choose Tiramisu as the last dish to end the feast.

No.10 Dongsanhuan North Beijing Chaoyang China
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The French Bistro5
  • roast chicken salad
  • bbq chicken wings
  • French Baked Snail
  • Truffles
roast chicken salad
Price: 26

Chicken has a high nutritional value,with low in fat and high in protein.When combined with salad,eggs,broccolis,it contains lots of vitamins and minerals.Especially fit for babys.

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bbq chicken wings
Price: 18

BBQ chicken wings leave most people licking their fingers and begging for more.

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French Baked Snail
Price: 80
This dish is one of the representatives of France snail dish.The meat is tender and memorable.
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Price: 60
Truffles are round, warty, and irregular in shape and vary from the size of a walnut to that of a man's fist.Cream and cheese sauces avidly take up their flavor.
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