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DNN Article is a powerful module to enable post and manage news, articles, events or other type of content.

DNN Article is not only a powerful module to enable post and manage articles, but also provides total solutions for content management. Content such as articles, news, announcements, product catalogs, etc can be organized into unlimited levels of categories. There are ten modules to provide rich and attractive look and feel experiences. New content can be moderated before published. The administrator can assign roles as moderator. Also an email can be sent when new content is added. Visitors can make comment and rating. Of cause it supports common features of DotNetNuke module such as localization, portable interface, search, Syndication etc.

Demo site and showcases

There is a demo site of DNNArticle: http://www.zldnn.com/rs/Home/tabid/491/Default.aspx.

You can download deom version and user guide from: http://www.zldnn.com/Download/tabid/233/Default.aspx

And there are showcases in the showcase page: http://www.zldnn.com/rs/Showcases/tabid/529/Default.aspx

If you use this module, you can add your web site to the showcase page by sending us an email to support@zldnn.com. Please tell us the logo url of your web site, the page that contains the DNNArticle and description of your web site.



Total Solutions for content management

The DNNArticle provides total solutions for content manage of your web site.

Role based submission

  • Administrators can assign roles who can submit content.
  • Administrators can assign roles who can moderate content.
  • Content can be reviewed by moderators before published.
  • Content can be approved automatically.
  • Authorized users can submit and manage their own articles in Users Article sub module.

Role based view permissions

  • Administrators can define view permissions of article modules, categories and articles.
  • Authors can define view permissions of their own articles.
  • Article view permission will override categories view permission.
  • View permission check can be in article list or article view. That means you can allow unauthorized users to view article list or not.

Content organization

  • All contents are organized by category.
  • It supports sub categories. You can create sub categories as many as you want.
  • An icon can be set for each category.
  • The article category sub module can show categories in tree view.
  • An article can be assign to more than one category.
  • A category sub module can display categories in any page you want.
  • You can define tags and assign an article to several tags.
  • Tags can be shown in Tag Cloud sub module.

Attached Files

  • Authors of an article can attach files.
  • View permissions of attached files can be set.
  • The URL of attached files can be set to hide for security reason.
  • The upload path of attached files can be set.

attached file

Extra Fields

  • You can add extra fields if you feel the existing fields are not enough.
  • You can define numeric, string and dropdown list fields.
  • You can show the values of extra fields by using tokens.


Extra Field

Related Articles

  • Authors of an article can set related articles by selecting existing articles.
  • Related articles will be shown in Article View page.

Email notification

  • Email notification can be enabled/disabled.
  • Administrators can set email address that can receive notification email.
  • Email subject and body template can be defined.

Rich Presentation

Sub modules for presentation

The sub modules such as Article List, Article Slider and Tabbed Article help you to show articles in different ways.


  • All modules of DNNArticle support template.
  • The template is html style and there are default templates shipped with the module.
  • There are many tokens that can be used in template.
  • There is a template editor to help you to create your own template.


An image can be assigned to each article.



You can enable pagination and set page size for main DNNArticle module and Article List sub module.

Multiple Sort options

Articles can be sorted by fields such as created date, view order, clicks, or title.

Highlight features

Importing and exporting

  • Fully implements DNN's IPortable interface enabling importing and exporting articles.
  • Import Articles from other modules. You can define import template for other modules such as Announcement and FAQs. Then you can import content from these modules.

Syndication-RSS Feeds

  • Fully implements DNN's ISearchable interface enabling searching and rss feeds.
  • It can create RSS feed for each category.


  • You may specify whether users can leave comments or rating for an article.
  • The comments can be reviewed by administrators before published.
  • The comments can be auto approved and published.
  • It can filter harmful code such as JavaScript in comments.
  • You can set email notification of new comment.

SEO Friendly

The module can add SEO friendly title, description and keywords to detail view page.

Integrate with other software

Integrate with Windows Live Writer

From 5.0 version, the module implements metaPost provider to integrate with Windows Live Writer. Authorized users can use Windows Live Writer to edit and public article. This feature gives DNNArticle more flexibility.


Integrate with Smart-thinker’s user profile story feed

 From 6.1 version, the module can add story feed to Smart-think’s user profile when a user adds an article, makes a comment or submits a rating.

story feed

Integrate with Business Map

Business Map integrates goolg map api into DotNetNuke to provide map service for DotNetNuke web site. It’s very easy to use. It can be installed and configured in few minutes. It also supports url parameters to control the map properies. So you can integrate it with other modules.

You can integerate your article with Business Map. It’s very easy. Just enter the url of Business Map in Related URL and set paramaters in the url. For example, you want the article is linked to the map of Bronx, New York City. The url will be: http://www.zldnn.com/rs/Mapwitharticle/Map/tabid/504/Default.aspx?mapwidth=800&address=Bronx,New York City

And you can add related token into display template: Map. Then the map link will be shown in the article.


Living demo is here: http://www.zldnn.com/rs/Mapwitharticle/tabid/503/Default.aspx


Sub Modules

Article Search

There is a sub module for searching articles. The display template of search result can be defined.

Article List

There is a sub module to display article list. By using it, an Article can appear in multiple places within your site. The display template can be defined.

article list

Article Slider

Article Slider is a sub module to make a slideshow out of articles on your page. Users can manually select a content to see or have them rotated automatically. Pagination links let the user quickly pick a content to show.

Tabbed Content

Tabbed Content is a sub module to display articles as tabbed type. Users can manually select a content to see or have them rotated automatically.

Tag Cloud

From 4.2 there is a new sub module named tag cloud. You can define and assign tags to your article. The Tag Cloud module will generate tag cloud of the article module. You can define the CSS of tag by popularity.

Article Category

Show categories of a DNNArticle module in any page you want.

Article Archive module

Show archived articles by month or by year.

Category Article List

Show categories and articles in flat style.

category list

User Articles

Show articles of a user.

user list

System requestment

DNN 4.6.2 (and later), SQL 2005 or SQL 2005 express.

Optional: if you want to integrate with Windows Live Writer, please install metaPost. For more detail about metaPost, please visit: http://metapost.itcrossing.com/DNNArticle/tabid/264/Default.aspx

Optional: You can integrate the module with Smart-Thinker User Profile. Find it here: http://www.smart-thinker.com .


New in 6.1 version

  • New sub module DNNUserArticle: to show articles of one user. Authorized user can submit and manage his/her own articles in this module.
  • Integrate with Smart-Thinker User Profile module: post story feed when a user submits an article, makes a comment or rating.
  • Improvement of performance: the data access layer is re-written to get better performance.
  • New Tokens such as USERDISPLAYNAME and USEREMAIL in template.
  • Using Div tag instead of table in article list layout.
  • Improvements to meet W3C validation.
  • Bug fixes.

New in 6.0.1 version

  • Article list, article slider and tabbed articles: Show articles from other portals, multi article modules and multi categories. 
  • Show most recent articles in defined days: you can set article list, article slider and tabbed articles to show articles published in defined days.
  • New sub module Category Article List: show categories and articles in flat style.
  • Download permission for each attached file.
  • Improvement of the feature of attached file. 
  • New token [THUMBNAILIMAGE]: now you can show thumbnail image to reduce display time.
  • Related articles: you can add related articles to an article.
  • Date format in comment template.
  • Show the latest article in Article View module.
  • Permissions control improvement.
  • Improvement of edit page.
  • User can change Rating.
  • Bug fixes

New in 5.9.7 version

  • Split created date and publish date.
  • Article detail view permission based on article
  • Adding the feature of comments management
  • Improvement of attaching file feature: now you can set default upload path.
  • Change default template to meet portal skin
  • Adding several demo templates
  • New sub module Category Article List to display flat categories.
  • Improvement of SEO
  • Improvement of Archive sub module
  • Improvement of search sub module

New in 5.9 version

  • Article detail view permission based on category
  • Improvement of article list: top items display template.
  • Improvement of search sub module.
  • Improvement of article edit

New 5.8.3  version

  • Improvement of loading speed
  • New sub module: Article Category

New in 5.7 version

  • New token:
    • OR6AT. Now you can set date format in the token, for example:06/12/2012.
    • . To show the rating star image with defined width and height. For example, img.
  • New sub module: DNNArticle Archive. Display archived articles by year or by month.
  • Enable/Disable Captcha of comment.

New in 5.6.3 version

  • New tokens:
    • ,
    • ,
    • .
  • My Articles: display the articles of login user.
  • New sub module Article Category: now you can add artcile category to any page you want.
  • Display articles randomly in Article List, Article Slider and Tabbed Articles.

New in 5.6 version

User defined field: now the module supports user defined fields. You can define fields such as text, integer, decimal etc. Then you can enter values of defined fields in article editor. And these defined fields can be used as normal field in display template.

New in 5.5 version

  • Improvements of integration with Windows Live Writer:
    • Supports adding description, tags and SEO title to an article.
    • You can assign multi categories to an article in WLW.
  • Show articles in categories. There is a setting to control if articles can be shown in categories tree.
  • RSS/XML in DNNArticle list module.
  • Improvements of Comment/Rating.
  • Capability of attach files to an article immediately during the "Add new content" phase.
  • Author selection from the list of users.
  • Role security, where articles are only viewable by certain roles.
  • Now article list, article slider and article tabbed content can show articles from all DNNArticle modules in a portal.